Your own “White Label” Drone company

You may wish to add aerial photography/videographer to your services portfolio but adding all the associated costs up, it can be very expensive.

“White Labelling” allows you to promote our CAA approved services under YOUR name.

If you require a qualified, CAA approved drone pilot with the latest in drone technology and 4K cameras to act as your company with clients, give us a call.

White babel services

How does it work?

Our crew and equipment represent you on-site or project your company is involved in.

We arrive at every project representing you

  • Our crew introduce themselves as your company
  • We remove our branding from all equipment and clothing
  • If meetings need attending or site surveys are required we are your employees
  • At no time will we mentioned Pegasus Video as the provider of aerial filming or photography

You benefit from 

  • Fully licensed and certified by the CAA
  • The Need to employ or train as an experienced pilot
  • Full Public Liability Insurance
  • Costs of the drone(s)
  • Cost of the camera equipment
  • Cost of a ground station and associated safety equipment
This is where we can step in!

We can actively work together and allow you to white label our services to your company. Giving you the right to freely promote an additional service based on the industry your associated to.

Companies who use this method
  • Estate Agents
  • Property Management Companies
  • Public Sector Contractors
  • PR and Marketing Companies
  • Photographers (Aerial Wedding photography etc…)
  • Insurance assessors
  • Surveying Companies

If you wish to know more about how white label services could work for your company, contact us on the form below and we will get back to you to discuss the details.


Pegasus videos reserves the rights to all images and footage. We may use any footage collected via our systems to promote Pegasus videos at a later date on show-reels, websites or any social media platforms. We will not promote footage until the client has delivered and promoted the footage themselves.

If you wish to own all rights to any of our images and/or footage please let us know and we can discuss the terms.