Golf Club Courses

It is now possible to see the sports world from every perspective. Pegasus videos can offer you these HD views with aerial photography and images ensure coverage of every aspect of your sporting events.

Golf course and Drones

The finest way to show off the features, beauty, and challenges of the golf course is from the air. Whether it’s a fly-by-wire video of some holes or a breathtaking aerial view of your finest greens and fairways. With our remotely controlled drones equipped with 4K broadcast quality cameras, you can be assured of the best quality. Your golf course from a bird’s eye view allows people to see the course in all its glory and show how it is situated within the landscape.

Golf clubs and events:

Pegasus can help you create a stunning promotional club video or a virtual tour of your whole club. We can take the flight of a ball and give you spectacular aerial perspectives normally reserved for elite events and clubs.

Recoded in amazing 4K our pilots and camera operator will do their best to create your clubs vision.

The possibilities of using a drone with the latest technology is now a reality. If you have any event outdoor sporting event or club you wish to promote drop us a message and we can discuss your needs.

Some of the benefits:

The promotional value will benefit your club for many years, while attracting new members and impressing existing ones.

We can provide a formal, hole by hole fly-over, or a shorter, show-reel video to give the best view to prospective members and guests. We always involve the golf course management team in giving their ideas on what it is they want to achieve.

Pegasus videos is happy to work with any clubs wishing to move their marketing to the next level of broadcast quality aerial videography.

The cost of a golf course aerial video depends on many factors with a show-reel in the region of £300 – £400 and a hole by hole fly-over of all 18 holes in the region of £600Please contact us for more details

An idea of Costs

Up to 2 hours on site obtaining as many images as needed until you are happy we have the images that you require with images of your choice, colour graded and cropped as requested, delivered in digital format. £199

Up to 2 hours on site with a mixture of RAW still images and Raw Film + monitor for live viewing of camera for better framing of shots. £299

Half day on site ( 4 Hours ) all RAW images and film provided at the end of the shoot from £449

Full day on site £750 This includes CAA pilot and experienced camera operator.

Editing & Colour grading of Film from £80 per minute of Film produced.

We can also provide prints of any of our images from the day using high quality 200g Kodak high gloss paper, gallery quality printers used.

A4 @ £14 per print

A3 @ £18 per print

A1 @ £22 per print

These prices are a guide to give you an idea as to our pricing, we appreciate our clients often want to have a guide price to the services that we provide. The nature of what we do means no two jobs are the same and each project that we are involved with will be priced accordingly.

This may include:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • CAA permissions (if applicable)
  • Extra time or additional work required

No matter how small/large the project, I am sure we can help. Contacts for an informal chat using the form below.


Pegasus videos reserves the rights to all images and footage. We may use any footage collected via our systems to promote Pegasus videos at a later date on show-reels, websites or any social media platforms. We will not promote footage until the client has delivered and promoted the footage themselves.

If you wish to own all rights to any of our images and/or footage please let us know and we can discuss the terms.