Specialist drones are changing the way we do business.

Pegasus goal in the inspection industry is to reduce the risks and costs of manned inspection.

Pegasus shares a strong belief and desire to bring innovation, efficiency and an increase in safety to our clients respective industries. This futuristic approach allows huge reduction in costs, reshaping the construction and engineering industries. The costs of inspecting sites/projects can be reduced by as much as 80% while reducing the risk factors.

Aerial surveys 2D/3D

Pegasus ensure operations are carried out safely, legally and in compliance with CAA guidelines. We are happy to discuss concerns with any of our clients, and work around internal logistics, scheduling and requirements to build data acquisition plans that work for your business needs, providing custom solutions for your industry. Pegasus uses a combination of cutting edge hardware, innovative software capability, and considers client needs to provide a safe, secure and robust framework for aerial data collection.

  • Maintaining overall construction progress
  • Checking delivery of materials is accurate with aerial volume calculations
  • Auditing on-site equipment and assets
  • Monitoring site progress on a weekly basis
  • Transmission/delivery of reports delivered to your inbox or cloud
  • Gain insight to projects from views previously impossible (High towers/Long-pipelines)
  • Survey dangerous areas safely and in a fraction of the time currently taken

The ability to reduce costs involved in sending qualified (expensive) staff, travel and supply accurate checks on progress in the 21st century is here, now.

The ability to survey sites and structures with pinpoint accuracy over time ensures a precision previously unavailable. We can take 4K high definition (UHD) images in 3D space using GPS week after week, from the same point ensuring overlay and comparative progress results.


Pegasus Integration with hardware provider DJI provides access to industry-leading Geospatial Environment (GEO) software to help pilots avoid flying drones near airports and other sensitive locations, and automatically update operators with temporary flight restrictions (NOTAMS).

Please feel free to email our team about your project needs and we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements. Fill out the form below or email


Pegasus videos reserves the rights to all images and footage. We may use any footage collected via our systems to promote Pegasus videos at a later date on show-reels, websites or any social media platforms. We will not promote footage until the client has delivered and promoted the footage themselves.

If you wish to own all rights to any of our images and/or footage please let us know and we can discuss the terms.