Drones are what is called “disruptive technology” the way moments can be captured and shared has been changed forever with the advent of sophisticated drones. Drones have disrupted the traditional capture of videos and images and taken it to new levels, higher quality stills and footage.

A few years ago the only options for aerial photography were hiring a plane or helicopter, today you can get an aerial perspective for a few hundred pounds. With drone technology where it is now, high-definition footage of any occasion can be obtained at a reasonable price. The accessibility to drone photography has brought us into the future of event planning where even the smallest gatherings can be turned into great memories.

Drones and outdoor events:

There is no limit to what a drone can record in terms of the diversity of activities we humans are involved in. From sailing across open seas, to canoeing in white water, our drones can handle the most challenging of situations and locations.

Rally-cross, TT-Races, golfing events to skydiving and other high speed sports, drones can reduce your costs, increase the safety aspects and produce video or images of broadcast quality.



Aerial photography is the ideal way to make the client’s dream wedding video a reality. You capture awe-inspiring shots of the wedding from above and get creative with the way the day is filmed. Show off all the best aspects of the day without worrying about where you should have your photographer set up.


Using drone footage to create amazing marketing and event recap videos is the next big thing! Festivals and concerts are usually bigger events that take a lot of planning to run smoothly. Drone photography is the perfect tool to avoid your hard work going unnoticed. With an aerial perspective, event planners can now show off event locations, crowds of people and their set-up like never before.

But there are downsides. Due to the large amount of people at the location of the shoot, there is increased liability. In some cases, operators might have to get additional insurance to be able to fly their drone. If all you want is aerial coverage, prices will start at around £350 per hour. Depending on whether an operator has to get special permits and if you want full air and ground coverage (multiple cameras), pricing will increase to the £500 to £600 per hour range.


Even with a small budget, you can still capture amazing moments. Paying for one hour of an operator’s time will cost you about £200 and usually includes 20 to 40 minutes of flight time, which is enough to get plenty of pictures and some videos. If you’re looking to have ground production as well, then prices will increase accordingly.

By using a drone to follow the action on the field, you can guarantee you don’t miss any of it due to a bad angle or being too far away.

Shooting drone footage for sporting events involves an increased amount of liability. Furthermore, it adds a level of difficulty because requires almost continuous footage over an extended period of time. This means operators have to come prepared with multiple batteries and will have to follow the action as it takes place, all while minding their surroundings and the safety of athletes and spectators.

Event planners should expect to pay £400 to £600 per hour.