By adopting the latest 4k and HD camera technology, we can provide you with stunning aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial capture techniques. Don’t be tied to planet earth, hire a drone and take to the next level with stunning shots you or your clients will love.

Just imagine the creative possibilities when you have a 400-foot jib at your disposal!

Aerial Photography

Pegasus Videos specializes in capturing aerial imagery at various heights (Max 400ft) using unmanned aerial aircraft, also known as Drone, UAV or UAS, equipped with high-resolution cameras and multi-axial gimbals. This technology enables us to operate in a fast, flexible and cost-saving manner. Since we fly below cloud cover so we can operate on many more days compared to manned aerial photography missions. Flying at low altitudes yields unique and ultra-sharp images in which every detail is visible.

4K Aerial photographs are no longer the preserve of the wealthy. We will provide a low cost way to capture exciting aerial images of your wedding, home, construction project, event or business.

We can provide the images in a format of your choice, either unedited (RAW) or photo-enhanced if you require.

We make it our job to stay ahead of rapid technological developments in the commercial drone sector. We are constantly evaluating new drones and data capture technologies. We look at the whole picture, not just the best drone for a job, but the best end-to-end solution – one that delivers consistent, actionable data.